Gedeth Food and Beverage


From Spain to Australia and from America to Europe, our experience has shown us that a company with quality products can go anywhere in the world. Our experts and international network are at your disposal to help facilitate your global expansion.

Milos Dragic


Head of Food & Beverage Division, Gedeth Network

Milos has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and international business development with food and beverage companies. He has lived in Serbia, Spain, Chile, Russia, and Sweden.


B2B Meetings

We find potential clients, distributors, or partners, make contact, and organize virtual or in-person meetings on your behalf.

Point of Sale Promotion

Are you thinking about launching a marketing campaign for your product? We will coordinate with your distributors to develop marketing strategies in your target market.

Store Checks

We will visit stores in your target market to gain a detailed understanding of how similar products are reaching consumers. We will collect information on manufacturers, brands, prices, distribution, packaging, presentation, formats, and styles of the competition. This information will be updated periodically to give you an idea of the evolution of the market, and of how consumers view similar products. Once your products are being sold in the market, we will show you exactly how consumers are seeing them.

Trade Fairs

International trade fairs are hectic. Our international network and previous experience offer you the possibility of quickly reaching the center of your industry – we will save you time and unproductive meetings, and we’ll offer you the infrastructure, networking, and logistical management to ensure that your only concern is making the most of your meetings.

Market studies

International markets are different and often quite complex, and your prior knowledge from some markets may be totally inapplicable in others. We can help you discover the best markets for your product and choose the most promising. We’ll help you to understand the customer demand, distribution structure, and the position of competitors.

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