We enhance the capabilities of the public sector institutions and agencies responsible for promoting the international expansion of businesses. We have a deep knowledge of the public sector and the challenges it faces, thanks to years of experience with institutions in Spain, Latin America and other countries.


We work with companies whose technology is their best asset in global markets: businesses who cooperate in European research projects, who are highlighted by R&D promotion institutions.


We have a long experience with companies in diverse areas of engineering and industry, as well as a close relationship with important sectorial associations in Spain.


Education is one of our main areas of experience. Training, events and the internationalization of the education sector are some of our specializations.


We have helped exporters of extremely competitive food and beverage products to expand their markets. High quality at a lower price than the competition enables a producer to take advantage of opportunities in any international market

Sometimes services companies are less conscious of the need for internationalization than goods companies, but we are convinced of its importance, and we know that all services sectors have international potential.

We are collaborators and partners of many multinational chambers of commerce and business associations devoted to promote exchanges between different countries.