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The upcoming international food fairs

Do you know which are the most important international food and beverage trade fairs? It’s [...]

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Infrastructure

❓Did you know…❓ … that Spain plans to invest $12.3 BILLION in infrastructure in 2021?🚊In [...]

Incentives to promote energy efficiency in Madrid

A summary of the event “Aids and how to reach them. The future starts today [...]

2nd Edition: The Effect of COVID on International Business

At Gedeth Network, we've launched the second edition of our study, The Effect of COVID-19 [...]

Innovation & Sustainability in the Spanish Meat Industry

The EU is committed to the transformation of the meat industry in Spain. With the [...]

NextGeneration EU: The EU’s bet on Spanish progress

A post by our Junior Consultant, Carmen Salvo, about NextGeneration EU, the European funds allocated [...]